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Who Are You?

Who are you? Do you know your identity in Christ?

Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness to test His sonship. This was a test of mature sonship in order to receive His inheritance, (Romans 8). We are heirs to Christ, "For all those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God," (Romans 8:14). Jesus was a Son, but Father God needed to make sure Jesus was a "mature Son." Just as Elisha went through the test of "a mature son" to receive his inheritance, so Jesus went through the test of "a mature son" to receive His inheritance. Being His Sons and Daughters we will also go through the test of "a mature son" to receive our inheritance.

Now, there is a distinct difference between test and temptation. A test is something that manifests a person's true character qualifying to steward their inheritance of the Kingdom, fulfilling their Destiny. A temptation attempts to destroy a person's character, ultimately destroying their Destiny. Matthew 4:1-11 tells us, "the Devil took Jesus to a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms (these are within THE Kingdom) and their glory. He said to Him, "All these things will I GIVE You, if you fall down and worship me."

The second sonship test for Jesus was at the cross, "Truly this was the Son of God." (Matthew 27:33). On the cross Jesus became an orphan so we could become SONS! 1 Samuel 10:1-5, "Then Samuel took the flask of oil, poured it on his head, kissed him and said, "Has not the Lord anointed you a ruler over His inheritance?" (vs. 1). "You will come to the hill of God where the Philistine garrison is; and it shall be as soon as you have come there to the city, that you will meet a group of prophets coming down from the high place with harp, tambourine, flute, and a lyre before them, and they will be prophesying." (vs. 5).

7 Mountains or 7 Spheres of Influence; Education, Religion, Family, Business, Government, Arts/Entertainment, Media. As mature Sons we carry the Kingdom of God and can release it to those we encounter.

Where will you release the Kingdom?

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