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Do you need to UNLEARN God?

If your image, view, understanding of God does not look like Jesus, then you're serving the wrong God!! There are many misconceptions about who our Father is and what He expects and has for us. He loves us more than we could ever imagine. He wants the very best for His sons and daughters. He NEVER leaves us! The misconceptions taught by man and the church can hinder our RELATIONSHIP with our Father.

I, myself, had to unlearn many ideas the church taught me:

  • I'm a simple sinner saved by grace.

  • Do not rely on emotions or feelings.

  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit are not for today.

  • There is no Baptism in the Holy Spirit today; I got everything when I got saved.

  • If you feel bad about yourself, do more for God and you'll feel better.

  • The Christian life is about dying and going to heaven.

  • I am a slave of God

Now, let's clear up some misconceptions man has taught you and that you need to unlearn about God.

  1. Religion is from God. NO! A relationship is from God. We need to unlearn religion and relearn that relationships are MORE valuable than any religion on earth!

  2. It is holy to be poor. NO! God wants us to have abundance. He absolutely loves blessing us and giving us upgrades!

  3. God wants to change you. NO! God’s agenda is not to change you, but for you to receive His love.

  4. Miracles are uncommon. NO! Miracles are common if you will step out and believe for them.

  5. God is just and holy first and foremost. God is love first and foremost. Every characteristic of God is submitted to His love, like justice and holiness. This is why Paul summed up all of God’s nature by saying, “God is love.” When you reverse this reality, you come to dishonoring conclusions about God’s nature.

  6. God is God, but there are conditions on His goodness. NO! God is unwaveringly good and there is nothing that can separate you from His love.

  7. There is no spiritual solution to depression. Get some meds. You can thank your way out of depression, worship your way out of deserts, and be so grateful that you stay seated in the third heaven regardless of what happens in your life.

So now that you have learned about some of the misconceptions, does your outlook about our Father change? Do you understand He loves you so very much? YOU are perfectly made in His image, He wants a relationship with you without religion getting in the way. We are not here to do church, but to start a movement, corporately and individually.

What are some things you have needed to unlearn about God?

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