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He's a Good, Good Father of ALL!

In my time as Senior Pastor of Family of Faith Community Church in Newark, Ohio, I've been acutely aware of many people who are facing great challenges, i.e. serious illnesses, unemployment, broken and stressed relationships, significant transitions, loss of loved ones, etc. As I pray and lean my heart toward these dear ones, I've been drawn to our greatest resource of encouragement, the Bible.

The word "ALL" has stood out to me numerous times over the last few days. As God would be, I received an inspirational email from someone I love leaning and gleaning from; it's title: God Makes All Things Work Together For Good. I looked up the word "All" in the dictionary:

1. the whole amount, quantity, or extent.

2. the whole number or sum.

3. every.

5. any whatever.

5. nothing but!

Wow, there you go. None of these definitions mean partial, or some, a few, or 5%, 58% or 99%... they mean ALL!!

God is ALL sufficient-He's everything we need!

God is ALL knowing - He's know exactly what we need!

God is ALL powerful - He makes a way when there seems to be no way!

God is ALL present - He's everywhere and always there for you!

God is ALL in ALL - He wraps Himself around anything and everything that concerns us!

I know I have a tendency at times to think that my Daddy God will only come through halfway, or a little, or just below enough. But this is not Kingdom thinking, nor is it the way a Son or Daughter of the Dad of the Universe should be thinking. As I've heard Joyce Meyer put it many times, "This is stinking-thinking!"

What does God want to be to you right now in this moment in your life? Selah.

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