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From a servant to a SON/DAUGHTER

In October 2003 I had a Kingdom encounter with the love of my Heavenly Father that totally transformed my life. On that day I went from being a "Woman of God" to a Little Girl With a Big Daddy. I began living my life from being a servant of God, to a Son (Daughter) of God. My life has NOT been the same since that encounter.

We are called to serve God, but not be "servants." We serve from our identity and positions as sons. Jesus was a son who served, but in no way was His identity a servant. For me being a daughter who loves to serve is so much funner than trying to be someone by serving. Servants receive a paycheck on Fridays. Sons and daughters receive inheritance.We, as sons and daughters of God, can work for a paycheck or receive an inheritance. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather receive an inheritance. Jesus didn't get paid, He received an inheritance...the nations!

As a missionary (servant) I used to work for nations. Now as a Daughter of God I receive nations (see Psalm 2:7 & 8). It's much easier and rewarding to receive something than to work for it.

We are a Family of Families that is Transforming the Nations.Two of our international families that have completely stepped into their identities as sons and daughters and are transforming nations for the Kingdom of God are our family in Cuba and the Philippines. Kingdom in Action (KIA) in Cuba is bringing a Kingdom shift to this beautiful island.They are receiving glorious favor with everyone they come in contact with. They are in alignment for the assignment! The assignment, bringing heaven to earth!

Our family in the Philippines, Destiny Ministries International (DMI) is reaching 22 nations for the Kingdom. As sons and daughters of God they are receiving nations, they are no longer working for them. They are receiving nations such as Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Dubai to name a few!

If you'd like to see what Kingdom sons and daughters live and look like, consider joining us for one of our International Trips to Cuba or the Philippines.

Check us out at

I bless you as a son or daughter of a good Daddy God!

A Little Girl With A Big Daddy,


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