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Has Your "Ship" Come In?

When Elijah came to Elisha, Elisha had a choice to make. He was at a crossroads...should he stay plowing the field with the 12 oxen, OR should he leave his comfortable place and follow Elijah who had thrown his mantle on him? Elisha chose to offer those oxen as a sacrifice and chose to covenant with Elijah, following him wherever he would go. Through that covenant Elisha served Elijah and ministered to him in a position of servantship. BUT, he didn't remain there! Elisha allowed his relationship with Elijah to go deeper and embraced his identity through sonship. He did not see himself as a "servant", he saw himself as a son who served and ministered. Elijah tested Elisha and taught him what true "sonship" looked like.

Have you ever wondered why in Luke, the Word refers to the spirit of Elijah that will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers? (see Malachi 4:5&6) It's because Elijah knew how to father. Elijah wanted to raise up a son that would carry on his assignment.

Previously Elijah had a servant that was with him before Elisha. After defeating the prophets of Baal, Elijah ran from Jezebel and went to Beersheba (a place of crossroads, a gateway to the desert). He left his servant in Beersheba before heading into the wilderness and receiving the word from the Lord about anointing Elisha. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Elijah's first servant had stepped into his sonship and leaned into Elijah's heart the way Elisha did, refusing to leave Elijah's side? What would have been his assignment, his part in HIStory?

Are you willing to go deeper? Are you willing to intentionally go after sonship? Or are you going to settle just being a servant? What are you missing? Has your ship come in?

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