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Destiny and Cuba

I would like to start sharing a little bit about my history in order to develop my point of Destiny.

I was born in Cuba at a time when my nation was in what was called the "Special Period". There was no food. We did not have the freedom to dream. We could not have our own businesses. We could not buy or sell houses. During that time the heart of the Cubans died. We stopped thinking about Destiny and began to think about surviving. Our wages were equivalent to $12.00 a month. Gasoline was almost $4.00 per gallon. Fear covered our island, and with that atmosphere no one could dream or even think about destiny.

But God sent many people who helped us and taught us to dream. One of those people, and the most influential in my life and ministry, was and continues to be Pastor Leanne Goff. I remember every time she came with her group, it was awakening in our hearts Destiny. Thank you very much, Mom Leanne Goff!

Today the history is different; we are doing history! God has given us cities, as well as favor with the Cuban government. Last year in October, we had the first youth conference in a "government run" movie theater in Cuba! In addition, in January of this year, we had a powerful conference with key apostles and pastors from across the island. In April we will have our first "Christian-influenced" parade and crusade in Cuba in more than 300 years. I strongly believe THIS IS CUBA'S TIME. The nation will be shaken from the revelation of Kingdom Family.

One of the best revelations I've had on my journey has been Kingdom Family. In Cuba we have had different Holy Spirit visits, and each visitation has created a movement. Each movement has created a battle between brothers. The traditional churches are fighting with the Pentecostals, and the Pentecostals against the Apostolic, etc. It's been a disaster. But in January something happened! The majority of the Apostles in Cuba came together in our Kingdom Family Movement Conference and decided to be family, not to fight against the government or brother, but they decided to honor and start again. I believe the time is NOW!

Destiny is what you were created for!!! There are many people with dreams but very few people with Destiny. If you feel that Cuba is part of your destination, contact LGM. Be part of the transformation of a nation!

For the Nations,

Josue Santiago

Director of Kingdom in Action Family

PO Box 255

                Thompsons Station, TN 37179-0255

Phone:  361.652.3529


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