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Family, Passion & Destiny

Today Ray and I are concluding our time of family and ministry in Iowa. It has been a wonderful time "doing life" with our daughter, son-in-love, and grandkids, as well as our home church, Heartland Church.

We began our festivities on Friday night with our 3rd oldest grandson's, Elijah-the cuddling boy, birthday. Beth and Christopher now have three teenager boys in their home and it makes for buying A LOT of groceries. I began Saturday morning meeting with a small group of amazing women in an intimate setting bringing a Kingdom upgrade to their lives. Following that setting, I taught for two and one-half hours in Heartland's ACT (Academy for Cultural Transformation) School. I was asked to teach on leadership, one of my favorite subjects. BTW ... I have two very strong passions in regard to the Kingdom of God. One is NATIONS, and the other is EMPOWERING and EQUIPPING LEADERS! I had an incredible time with these Kingdom minded students. Saturday night I was the guest speaker for Heartland's monthly Regional Service. My message was "DESTINY: Where are the Josephs, Esthers, and Daniels of our day?" We concluded with a DESTINY TUNNEL, declaring and releasing all to step into their DESTINY. I finished up my time of ministry on Sunday morning at Heartland preaching, "What Happens When You're Minding Your Own Business?" It was such a blessing and honor to stand in the pulpit at Heartland. Thank you Dave for such an opportunity!

We concluded our trip last night with a dinner-out celebrating my incredible husband of 42 years birthday. Ray turned 66 years young today and is in greater shape than he's ever been in his life. I love my life! Ray and I are growing younger together and we're convinced our best days are yet to come!

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