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Missionaries in Action

Missionaries in Action (MIA) believes we can be the last piece of the puzzle for you. There is a new missionary wave that is going out into the nations beyond denominational lines. We are finding many of those missionaries in need of the services MIA has to offer, and our goal is to make them known and available to those missionaries.


MIA facilitates the logistical needs of missionaries around the globe and provides a spiritual covering under Leanne Goff Ministries. Our team handles our missionaries’ donations, tax receipts for donors, newsletters, and communication with supporters.


Whether your call involves evangelism, church planting, leadership development, education, or serving another ministry, we want to assist you in successfully fulfilling your destiny for the Kingdom.


For more information, read the Missionaries in Action Manual, or to see our missionaries, click the below button.

Empowering Powerful Women

Empowering Powerful Women (EPW) gatherings were created for Father God's powerful women. The setting ... 40 hours of intimate communion and fellowship with our amazing Dad, as well as His daughters "doing-life" together. Leanne will equip you to "be still and know your Father" through Soaking Prayer and Impartation. She'll let you ask her tons of questions while she does her very best to answer them all. And, she'll release an impartation for new levels in your relationship with Papa God and the Powerful Woman He's Designed and Destined you to be!

Breaking the Veil of Silence

Breaking the Veil of Silence (BTVOS) Women’s Ministries represents the women who have no voice. Many of us live our lives behind a veil covering up secrets, afraid we will be rejected if someone really knows us. There is Someone who truly knows the real us–and loves us unconditionally. Jesus went to the cross “voiceless” so we could live with a voice to glorify Him and advance His Kingdom on earth. READ MORE...

Senior Pastor

Leanne is the Senior Pastor of Family of Faith Community Church (FFCC) in Newark, OH. FFCC has a culture of a Kingdom Family, and a mandate to "love, honor, and value all!. FFCC is a family that is pursuing a Kingdom Family Movement through hosting God's presence and releasing His love to everyone who enters our doors. You can read more about FFCC by clicking the link below.


Leanne has written several books including her Best Seller "A Christian Life Without Father God," which is also available in Spanish. She has also written "Breaking the Veil of Silence" and a 30-Day Devotional "A Journey to Your Identity." Leanne has other books, as well as messages via CD and MP3. 

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