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LGM's next Empowering Powerful Women (EPW) Gathering could be coming to an area near you. The cost for EPW includes your lodging, meals, and a package of my personal resources. Each registrant will be required to have their Pastor or Ministry Director submit a recommendation for your attendance. Please email us at for more information and cost. 

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As I journey forward in the Assignment my Heavenly Father has Designed and Destined for me, I find more and more women contacting me longing for their questions to be answered:


  • How have you done what you've done?

  • How did you get started?

  • How did you become a "woman" pastor?

  • What oppositions have you faced?

  • How do you stay in a place of being "un-offended?"

  • How do you empower other people?

  • How have you received and discipled nations?

  • How do you mother your spiritual sons and daughters?

  • How do you have a big enough "NO!" so you can say "YES!"

My heart aches for women world-wide, but my heart longs to Empower Powerful Women who are called to be transformers for the Kingdom of God!


I've created an Empowering Powerful Women's gathering for you powerful women. The setting ... 48 hours of intimate communion and fellowship with our amazing Dad. During this time we will lean hearts together as well. I'll equip you to "be still and know your Father" through Soaking Prayer and Impartation. I'll let you ask me tons of questions while I do my very best to answer them all. And I'll release an impartation for new levels in your relationship with Papa God and the Powerful Woman He's Designed and Destined you to be!

Each setting will have no more than 12 registrants (as well as my staff) nestled in a cozy lodge or B&B shutting out the distractions and world around you so you can rest, relax, and receive fresh revelation for a radical transformation in your life. 

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