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About Leanne

Leanne Goff has a wealth of ministry experience. She and her husband, Ray, were trained and served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in various countries for several years. They also ministered nearly ten years with Teen Challenge.

In December 2007, Leanne became the Personal Assistant and Executive Administrator to Leif Hetland at Global Mission Awareness, Shortly after joining Leif and GMA, she became a spiritual daughter to Leif. Leanne presently serves as an Associate of Global Mission Awareness.

Leanne is the Founder and President of Leanne Goff Ministries (LGM). LGM hosts various conferences throughout the world. LGM also leads countless ministry teams to the nations. One such nation that is strongly upon the heart of Leanne is Cuba. She has established an impactful ministry base, under LGM, in this beautiful island. Leanne has traveled to Cuba more than 60 times since 2004. Leanne, along with her teams, are witnessing a glorious Kingdom Family Movement in this beautiful nation where thousands are transformed by the love and power of God! Leanne travels throughout the world carrying the message of Kingdom, Identity, and Destiny to other countries, as well, such as Pakistan, the Philippines, and Venezuela, as well as across the United States.

​In August 2014, Leanne became the Senior Leader at Family of Faith Community Church,, in Newark, OH.

Leanne is also an entrepreneur. She's considered THE TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH assisting the Body of Christ getting healthy not just in their spirit and soul, but in their bodies AND finances as well. 


One of Leanne's greatest passions is to equip and empower God's people to fulfill their purpose and destiny on planet earth. ​Leanne holds several titles, but more than anything else, Leanne's desire to be known as "A little girl with a Big Daddy!"

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Meet Leanne's Personal Assistant

Sonia Elizabeth Silva (Favored, Healed and Redeemed Daughter of Father God) knows what it is to experience the unlimited blessings of our loving Father God. In 2012, she was facing up to 40 years in an Alabama prison, two years into a devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and going through a traumatic separation and divorce. When the enemy was out to destroy Sonia's identity and destiny, Father God had a future and a hope for her (Jeremiah 29:11). Sonia is a spiritual daughter of Ray and Leanne's, as well as Leanne's Personal Assistant. Sonia travels with Leanne to the nations fulfilling what she was created for and living her destiny. Sonia's greatest joy is to help others receive freedom from their past, and be healed from diseases that man says is impossible.

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Meet Josue Santiago

Josue, his wife, Leyanet, and daughter, Daphne, moved to the United States from Cuba in 2014.  Josue is our Director at Kingdom in Action Family (KIAF). KIAF was originated in Cuba and has grown to have 31 churches all over the island. KIAF's main purpose is to help sons and daughters connect with Father's heart and see nations transformed by the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. KIAF also helps plant new congregations of Kingdom families among which the supernatural is a way of life. Josue' is a spiritual son of Ray and Leanne's, and is also an Associate Pastor to Leanne at Family of Faith Community Church. Above all, Josue's passion is to win souls for Jesus. Josue’ has traveled to over 20 states across the USA releasing the Kingdom of God to His sons and daughters. For more information about Josue and KIAF, please visit

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